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Looking For You Project

We like to inform the start of New Photography Project.

“Looking For You Project”


This is an experimental trial to find people in photographs of “Rao’s Newsstand”

All photographs had been taken from 1996 – 2004. At Greenwich Village in NYC.

Please see this page for more details.

Thoughs on Rao’s Newsstand


This is an excerpt of “Thoughs on Rao’s Newsstand” By Motoyuki Shibata

Those who are familiar with the works of the American writer, Paul Auster, will be reminded of “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story,” the only short story ever written by the famous novelist. In the story, a man who works in a Brooklyn cigar shop stands on the same street corner at the same time every day and takes a photograph. Every day, never taking a day off, Auggie takes a picture, until 365 photos fills a whole album. The narrator observes, “Auggie was photographing time, I realized, both natural time and human time, and he was doing it by planting himself in one tiny corner of the world and willing it to be his own, by standing guard in the space he had chosen for himself. ”

Takuya Ishikawa’s book Rao’s Newsstand shares this inspiration. In fact, it would not be surprising if Auster had written “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story” after being inspired by Ishikawa’s work. (Auster wrote “Auggie Wren” in 1990 so it’s not actually possible.) Not only do their inspirations have the same root, but Ishikawa’s photographs evoke the same respect, love and thoughtfulness with which Auggie Wren approaches his own world.

About Busmetoo.Graphics


 F ounded on 2014 Bus me too. Graphics was started as a visual-creative team and at the same time as an online book store.

With the clear aim of creating and introducing new photography / art books in prints, Bus me too.Graphics is taking a role of an independent publishing house, e-books production and web-shop.

Based between NYC and Oita, Japan, (and Tokyo,too) we create e-books of brave and talented artists, in order to create unique books in print.

 A s we mentioned on Jan 17th, we released our 1st e-photo-book “Rao’s Newsstand” by Takuya Ishikawa. And now we get into our challenge to publish that in print.

And moreover, we’d like to let you know that we are standing on the start line to create 2 new books of brilliant photographers and artists.

Photo Book “Rao’s Newsstand” on sale

head_newsstand_1   head_newsstand_2


D ear readers,


Today we proudly announce the release of our 1st photo book “Rao’s Newsstand.”

This is the first creative product of Bus me too. Graphics and also opening of our book store.

Book Store, now have only “Rao’s Newsstand” in the book shelf though, we already started to create the second photo book which we will be able to release in near future.

Shopping in our site is very easy.

From Book Store you just proceed to Cart, and when you finish payment, you will have download link of the book.

Because we entrust all payment procedure to PayPal, Bus me too. Graphics do never receive any information on credit card or security code.

Coming Soon again on Jan 2015

 Click to this page in Japanese | 日本語


We are little bit late but our first book “Rao’s Newsstand” will be on sale on Jan 2015.

Busmetoo. Graphics completed the creation of ebook already. We need some preparation of this website.

Please look forward to it!!


Coming soon,,,on Nov 2014

 Click to this page in Japanese | 日本語



T hank you for coming to this website.

Busmetoo Graphics is an online book store.

In our book shelf we have original e-book that we create.

N  ow we are on the process to create our 1st photobook, “Rao’s Newsstand” by Japanese photographer Takuya Ishikawa.

It’s almost ready and the release will be on Nov 2014, at the same time of the open of Busmetoo.Graphics book store.


Rao’s Newsstand by Takuya Ishikawa 2014 All Rights reserved.



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